New Years Grassroots Throwdown  12/31/2011 to 12/31/2011

2nd annual New Year's throwdown at Wasatch CrossFit.
12/31/2011 to 12/31/2011


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9am & 11am Heats are FULL!

Damon Stewart New Years Grassroots Throwdown

The 9am and 11am heats are full!  Please sign up for the 1pm, 3pm, or 5pm heats.  Once you've signed up please scroll down and fill out the web-form that designates your heat and judging time.

Did I sign up on the wrong comp? I have a receipt from an email that says I'm all signed up but my team name does not show up on this registration site, but it does on the main fitness elevated registration...please clarify
I'll have all heats finalized by 8pm at the latest.
I am unsure if I got into the 11am heat. The blog post came a few minutes after I fill out our form, is there a place we can confirm our times?

New Years Eve Comp

Damon Stewart New Years Grassroots Throwdown
Registration should be up on Monday for the New Year's Eve grassroots comp at Wasatch Crossfit.  If it's your first year doing it, here's a quick description of what it's all about:  The Crossfit Games are incredible but I also remember "the good old days" of Crossfit when it was also about getting together with a bunch of friends, going hard at a few WODs, then hanging out and trading lies about how great your next Fran time would be if you could just get through your 15 unbroken.  The New Year's Eve comp at WCF is about having fun first and foremost, whiteboard glory secondContinue Reading

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